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MyShop (A Software for Computer & Electronics Shops)


We have developed software for Compute & Electronics Shops with atleast all functions as per need. Here are video tutorials about that software.


Detail of the shop software is as under:-

1. Products can be set with Category, Company and Model.
2. Products codes can be allocated for every product for identification.
3. Rack number can be allocate to any product for product location.
4. Admin can add/delete/update stock, purchase price, minimum price, sale price.
5. Admin can set stock alert to get notify on low stock.
6. Product can be sold out with bar code readers or in manual way.
7. Pending order can be viewed any time.
8. Completed order can also be viewed/search or delete.
9. Every sale will generate unique Invoice number.
10. Complete record of previous sale and purchase.
11. Loss and profit calculation is available.
12. Admin can add distributor/regular customer or sale man
13. Sale man will have limited privileges.
14. The products with warranty can be added with serial or MAC number.
15. Warranty Checker page is available.
16. Products which will have warranty, will be notifies by software on login in warranty is going to be expired.
17. Admin can manage budget of the shop i.e. purchases, expenses or loss and profit.
18. Admin can manage loans of his regular customers.
19. Make payment page is available for regular customers.
20. Complete record of his regular customers with his loan and payment history.
21. Warranty and Serial number or MAC number can be added during sale or purchase.
22. Print page facility is available for daily sale, product list, price list, total sale in detail, total sale in brief and total purchasing.
23. Print facility is available for previous bills with invoice number search facility.
24. You can add contacts.
25. Reminders and Sticky notes can also be added for important works.
26. CVS file will be generated for barcodes with price, product names, product code.
27. Backup of complete database can be downloaded with one click.
28. Terms and conditions can also be set.

Price Only 25000/=

Software is written in PHP and Db is MySql

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