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How to Print Calculation Table in Php


In today tutorial I will teach you that how to print table of given value. For example if the given number is 5 then table will look like this 5 x 1 = 5 5 x 2 = 10 and so on So lets start our tutorials. Look at below code [crayon-666f447ceb379112974881/] You can see the code is very very ... Read More »

Add or Subtract Days from Current Date in Php

T oday I am going to tech you that how to add or subtract days from current date in php. I often use this code for getting my required date. So let’s start. Look at below code:- [crayon-666f447cebb61367032978/] Add you can see we used two functions date() and strtotime(), in date() function we have supplied format for date and in strtotime ... Read More »

How to Check Numeric Value in PHP


P hp provides very simple built-in function for checking where given value is numeric or not. I personally often check the value before entering it into database for exact data. Just copy below code and paste wherever you want and test it. [crayon-666f447cebd80840293267/] Above code will check the value stored in variable and show us result. If the value is ... Read More »

Read and Write Text File with PHP

Read and Write with Php

This is very common tutorial but peoples who are new in PHP don’t know about PHP file handling functions. Writing on text file and reading back from text file is not difficult task Php provides very good functions for this purpose. I tried my best to make my code simple so let’s start. We will create two functions Write_on_file($file, $message) Read_from_file($file) ... Read More »

Enjoy Our Election 2013 Hotspot

Election 2013

Election 2013 Hotspot is based on elections held in 2013. This hotspot is only for fun We are not supporters of any political party. You can watch demo and can download it from below links.   Read More »

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